Upgrading My Pajama Wardrobe

Anyone else practically live in pajamas and loungewear? This homebody LOVES being in comfy clothes. I’m the type of girl that the second I get home, I take off whatever I was wearing and throw on something SUPER comfy! I think I wear pajamas and loungewear more than regular clothes, as much as I hate to admit that. Oh well!

I’ll be turning 26 in September and I’m a wife, yet I still wear “pajamas” (which I don’t even think I can call them that) like I’m a teenager or in college. Y’all know what I’m talking about… random XXL t-shirts that are way too big with athletic Nike shorts, only if I decide to put bottoms on. Let’s be real, 75% of the time I don’t even put bottoms on.

As I get older, in certain aspects, I feel like I’m not really an adult. I still think I look 16. And, when people ask me when Ryan and I are going to have a baby, almost always my answer is, “I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have a baby.” I know you’re probably thinking, “Come on, Katelyn. You’re in your mid-twenties. You’re definitely an adult.” That may be true but like I said, sometimes I just don’t feel it. I think it’s all about how you present yourself. So, I’ve decided it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade… a pajama wardrobe upgrade!

Let’s think back to when we were little. I know you were like me and probably had the cutest pajamas from Limited, Too. Man I loved that store! But somewhere along the way, we’ve stopped caring about our pajamas. I don’t know why! We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping so why not do it in cute pajamas?! Pajamas are the cutest clothes to shop for and they’re so dang comfortable! Having nice and matching pajamas is something so small, but feeling like I match makes me feel like I’ve got my life together. PLUS it makes me feel more grown up. So ladies, it’s time that we act our age and dress like it, too! Take this fun challenge with me and let’s upgrade our PJ’s!

It’s been so much fun shopping around for PJs lately that I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner! There are so many cute and comfy options out there. I think I’ve started an obsession, but the good kind ha! PJs are now going on every birthday and Christmas wish list from here on out! See some of the ones I bought below.


  • Navy Pajama Set – The most comfortable pajamas EVER! I live for a cute matching set, and there’s just something so elegant and mature about this pair. LOVE! Wearing size small.
  • White Tank Top – This is a great versatile tank that can be worn as pajamas or as loungewear around the house. It’s super soft! I don’t like my PJs to be tight so I sized up to a large.
  • Grey Pajama Shorts – I get hot during the night so I always sleep in shorts (or no shorts at all). This pair is super flowy and doesn’t feel constrained around my legs.
  • Green Lounge Pants – Are these pajamas? Are they joggers? Pajoggers? Whatever they are, they are super comfortable AND have pockets! Comes in quite a few colors. I have size small.
  • Oversized Sleep Shirt – Like I said, I don’t really like to wear bottoms to bed so I found this adorable sleep shirt (or nightgown, whatever you want to call it). I’m 5’1″ and the small hits right above my knee. There are a bunch of other cute sayings, too!

Places I Shop for Sleepwear & Loungewear

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