Our Wedding Is In a Magazine! + Our Wedding Video

Did you really think the wedding content was over? HA! I’ve said I miss being a bride probably over 100 times so it shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m coming at you with more wedding content! 

Ryan and I received a late little anniversary gift this month. Our wedding is featured in the “Real Weddings” section of the summer/autumn 2019 issue of New Orleans Bride Magazine! How exciting?!?! I submitted our wedding to a couple of publications right after we got married, and it finally got picked up! The editor of the magazine said they were holding onto it because they loved it so much and were trying to find the right fit for it. But honestly I couldn’t think of a better time for it to be published! Especially since the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is paper! You would think I’m the covergirl I’ve bought and received so many copies! But it’s fine, I’m enjoying my five-minutes of fame! LOL! You can pick up a copy from local newsstands now, or you can see the article HERE

Since we got to relive our wedding day with this magazine article, I thought we could all relive and experience the wedding together by sharing our wedding video, as well! 

Before we even got engaged, I knew I wanted a videographer. While photography is the most popular and important way to capture your wedding day, if your budget allows it, I would also hire a videographer. We are so thankful for Shotgun Films for capturing all of the special moments from our big day in this amazing video! You have to think, from the moment the videographers arrive to the moment they leave, that’s easily 6-7 hours of capturing footage. And they crammed all of the best parts in less than 10 minutes! It really is the most perfect summary of our wedding day! The day flies by SO FAST, and we adore this video because it brings us right back to that day everytime we watch it. Thank you, Shotgun Films, for allowing us to relive our wedding day so vividly and beautifully. You can guarantee that 50 years from now, we will still be watching this video!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. ACTION!

Floral Jumpsuit

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