My Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share advice, on all aspects of things I love – fashion, beauty, life, etc. My girlfriends always ask for beauty product advice, whether it’s makeup or skincare. This always gets me thinking about all of the beauty products I use, and how expensive they are! Could you imagine all of the extra money you would have if beauty products didn’t exist?! With how expensive certain beauty products are, you have to make sure you are getting the most use out of them as possible AND seeing the best results with them. With that I thought I would share with you my top beauty products I love that I feel are worth every penny and that I use regularly. I kept thinking, if I was on a deserted island, what would I wish were with me.

I am makeup, skincare, and all things beauty obsessed so choosing my top five beauty products was quite a challenge! I could make a list a mile long of all of the products I use religiously in my routine. But here are my top five must haves, can’t live without, ride or die, tried and true beauty products and why I think they are the 

  • Kenra Hairspray – I’m a hairspray fanatic! Whether I straighten my hair, curl it, throw it up in a ponytail, or wear it natural, I’m using hairspray. I’ve used Kenra for over 10 years, and I can promise you it’s the only hairspray I will ever use! Hairspray is supposed to hold your hair in place so I want something strong that is going to last. Living in New Orleans, there is humidity constantly in the air, whether it’s summer or winter. So having a hairspray that keeps the shape of your hairstyle is very important! A little goes a long way, and I absolutely love it! I don’t like a light mist that doesn’t last and after an hour my hair is falling. You will always find this product in my haircare drawer. I’m extra and also keep a travel size with me in my car!
  • Aveeno Lotion – I always say it’s so interesting how I have extremely oily skin on my face, but the rest of my body is bone dry. I’m just a walking conundrum! Not only do I have dry skin, I also have eczema on my hands all year long, and flare ups on the backs of my thighs during the colder months. My mom has used Aveeno for as long as I can remember, and it was just one of those products that you pick up. It is super moisturizing! It is very creamy and absorbs right into the skin. Every night when I get out of the shower, I moisturize my entire body. If I skip a day, I can feel it. I keep a bottle of Aveeno in my bathroom, on my nightstand, on my desk at work, and even a small bottle in my purse. I know I know, that’s excessive. But, any time I feel dry, I know I’m covered! 
  • T3 Curling Wand – My go-to hairstyle is curled or beachy waves, 90% of the time. A T3 curling wand had been on my wish list for about two years when I surprisingly won it in a Christmas giveaway from a local blogger, during my pre-blogging days. I was so excited because the T3 curling wands are a tad pricey, and I was nervous to take the plunge. But I can now say they are worth it! It is the #1 tool I use to curl my hair! With just one pass, my curls are styled and ready to go. No need to go over your curls multiple times to get them to stay. And my curls last for days with this wand! The sleek design and white and gold colors are an added bonus. It really is an amazing tool!
  • Drunk Elephant Babyfacial – This is a new addition to my skincare routine as I’ve only been using it for about two months but oh do I love it! Drunk Elephant has been a hot ticket brand in the skincare industry the past couple of years, and I’ve slowly been hopping on the bandwagon. Life is busy (and expensive) so you can’t always make it to the spa to get a facial. I have a solution for you – the “facial” in a bottle. Great for all skin types, this mask effectively yet gently exfoliates the pore lining and resurfaces the skin by getting rid of built-up dead skin cells. I use this about twice a month, and it really gives you that youthful glow. They don’t call it the “Babyfacial” for nothing. It really makes your skin feel like a baby’s!
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume – I have been wearing Daisy since junior year of high school, and I always go back to it. I even wore it on my wedding day! It is my ride or die perfume. I buy one bottle a year and it pretty much lasts me all year long. It has been around FOREVER so it’s clearly a favorite. It smells sweet like flowers (duh, Katelyn, it’s called Daisy). It’s a fruity, floral, and feminine scent. If the fragrance itself didn’t sell you on it, then the bottle will! The white daisies on the cap of the bottle are iconic, and it’s so gorgeous sitting on my vanity. 

What are some of your top beauty products? I am always looking for new ones to try!

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

  1. I love that perfume! I have been using it for years as well. If you are into floral scents a similar one is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (the pink one).
    Another favorite this month for me is the Neutrogena Hydro body lotion, is light, super hydrating and perfect for summer.


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