Peaks & Valleys | July 2019

Hi friends! Long time no talk! It’s been a full week since my last blog post. I know that’s not that long but I typically post every Tuesday and Thursday so it feels like it’s been an eternity! What’s up? How have you been? What’s new? I really missed y’all! But, I needed a break…

The third installment of my “Peaks and Valleys” series couldn’t have come at a better time. Most of y’all know the drill but in case you’re new around here, I started this series because I believe it’s just as important to share the good, as well as the bad. I really love sharing my life with you, especially in this way. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, which I’m sure you understand! So let’s get started…

When it rains, it pours. Y’all know what I mean. Well, welcome to my month of July. It didn’t just rain or pour, it full on hurricaned. I kept finding myself signing the FRIENDS theme song in my head. “It hasn’t been your day, your week, your month.” But I won’t let this month of July define my year! Ya know why? Because WITHOUT RAIN, THERE’D BE NO FLOWERS! I’m not gonna lie and say that I remained calm or positive during these times. Y’all, it was a HARD month! But I think the storm has finally passed and things are looking up for the month of August! 

At the start of July, there was one weekend where all of my friends were out of town. Every single one of them. I felt extremely lonely and had a mental breakdown, to the point where I started crying, in public! And it wasn’t just because they were out of town for one weekend. Lately, I have been feeling a disconnect from my friends. Not for any particular reason, just that we are getting older, growing up and life is just different now. We don’t talk everyday like we used to. We don’t see each other every weekend like we used to. It’s hard! But that just means that when you do see or talk to your friends you have to make the most out of it and make the time spent together meaningful! I constantly remind myself that just because I don’t see or talk to my friends everyday doesn’t mean they love me any less and vice versa.

Two weeks ago our friends created a kickball team – Game of Throwes. I was so excited to play, and not to toot my own horn, but I was surprisingly really good at our first game! Having our kickball season finally start was definitely a peak for the month but quickly became a valley last week. During the first inning, as I kicked and sprinted to first base, I pulled my quad muscle. I basically had to be carried off the field. I was in so much pain and could barely walk. Getting hurt is frustrating, but getting hurt and not being able to really do anything about it is worse. I just have to keep icing it and resting. It could be weeks until it’s completely healed. Ugh! And I can’t workout so I feel like I’m slowly becoming a potato. I’m trying to find the positive here, but I just don’t see it yet. Maybe this is a reminder for me that I need to slow down and rest more, overall. I feel like I’ve been on the go constantly and maybe this is God’s way of telling me to take a break. So you can find me cheering on the sidelines for the next couple of weeks until my leg fully heals.

The next valley happened the very next day after I pulled my muscle – our air condition broke. Well, our thermostat broke and a wire had been disconnected in the attic that was connected to the inside unit. It was a solid 82 degrees in the house, in the middle of summer, in New Orleans. Talk about hot! We stayed at Ryan’s parent’s house for two nights. Even though it was inconvenient and ruined our weekend plans, it was kind of fun hanging out in Ryan’s old room. It’s like we were dating again in college. We ended up shelling out $150 for a new thermostat. Obviously, another expense we weren’t planning for but that’s adulting for ya! We decided to upgrade to the Sensi so we wouldn’t have another thermostat issue unlike with the cheap one we had prior.And, we were so fortunate and thankful that Ryan’s uncle owns his own AC company and was able to come out and fix everything before the start of the week!    

After the long weekend, we woke up Monday with determination and motivation to have a good week. The morning was going great, all until Ryan left to go to work. We discovered his car had been broken into and his work laptop was stolen. And before you ask – yes, his car was locked and no, the laptop was not sitting in plain site. It was inside his briefcase, which was on the floor partially under the front seat. In that moment, we couldn’t help but just think someone had a curse on us. How could this have happened? Talk about a valley. The police arrived to take our statements and then the crime scene division showed up to dust for fingerprints. I felt like we were on an episode of Law & Order! Haha! I just kept thinking, it can only go up and get better from here.

After all of those valleys, I ended July with the biggest peak of my month – going to the dermatologist. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Really, Katelyn?! Going to a doctor was the best thing to happen to you in July?” While it wasn’t the most exciting or lively event, it gave me hope and something to look forward to. I mentioned in my last “Peaks and Valleys” post that I’ve been struggling with severe acne the past couple of months and that if it didn’t get better I was going to see a dermatologist. I’m so relieved and excited to start my new skincare journey so I can feel 100% confident in my own skin! I go back in one month for a progress checkup, and I can’t wait!

So, happy August, everyone! I’ve never been so excited for the start of a new month! Even after all of the bad last month, I’ve still got my head held high. I’m ready to leave the past of July behind and look forward to all that this fresh start of a new month has to offer! And remember, when you’re feeling like there is a cloud constantly hovering over you, without rain there’d be no flowers! Love you all!

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