Three Accessories to Spice Up Your Hair

Hi babes, and happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend – we can do it!!! Now let’s talk about my favorite hair accessories that I’ve been loving this summer and will definitely be taking with me into fall! 

Headbands. Barrettes. Scrunchies. Our 1990s hair staples have found their way back into our hearts during 2019, and I’m not mad about it! If you would have told me this a year ago, I would have never believed you, but here we are! 

I’m not a big accessories person. Not that I don’t like accessories, I just always have trouble picking them out! So accessories are something I’ve been working on lately. Today on the blog, I’m sharing my three favorites hair accessory trends that have become essentials in my hair-styling routine.

1. Headband

I now understand Blair Waldorf’s obsession with headbands! Headbands were the first hair accessory I tried out, and I can’t stop rocking them! Ryan keeps saying, “You don’t want to be known as the headband girl,” but I don’t even care! I love this trend so much! Want to spice up your go-to hair look? Throw on a headband! Trying to cover up dirty hair? Forget dry shampoo and throw on a headband! I’ve worn mine with straight hair, curly hair, and my hair in a ponytail. Obsessed!
Tip: Have two go-to headbands – one neutral that can go with everything and one bold one that will stand out and be the hero piece of your outfit.  

2. Barrette

I first saw the hair barrette trend from one of my favorite YouTubers, Alexandrea Garza, where she was sporting one and talking about how her followers didn’t like it. I didn’t understand why! I thought it was so cute and girly, and no it seems people are jumping on the bandwagon. There are SO many styles and patterns to compliment any outfit!
Tip: Don’t put the barrette in from you face and push it back. Start in the back/side of your head and then push it toward your face. 

3. Scrunchie

Now, scrunchies are the hair accessory I had the most doubt about. Yes, I rocked scrunchies growing up, especially during my gymnastics days, but I just couldn’t get on board for a while. But now I’m sold! Whether I use it to throw my hair into a messy bun when I’m washing my face, a fun half-up half-down, a low ponytail so I don’t cause a crease in my hair, or even on my wrist as a poofy bracelet, scrunchies are a great addition to your accessory collection.
Tip: Scrunchies are very inexpensive, especially if you buy them online. You can get 30 different colors and styles for almost the price of buying one in a store. 

Which hair accessories are your favorite, or which ones do you want to try?!


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