Being a Petite Babe

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.” This quote speaks volumes to me! I’m a small, little thang, but I don’t let that stop me! For as long as I can remember I’ve been petite. I was always the runt of my friends growing up, and even after going through puberty I didn’t grow much. Your girl here has been a whopping 5’1.5” since freshman year of high school! Shoutout to all my girls in the below 5’2” club! 

“Petite” literally means “little” in French. But in the fashion world, it refers to clothing made for 5’4” or below people. I love being petite! I really do, except for two reasons: when I can’t find clothes that fit my body right, and if I gain a pound of two, I look like I’ve gained ten. Other than that, it’s great! LOL! 

Being petite, it can be a real challenge to find clothes that aren’t super long. I have to get a majority of my pants hemmed and roll up my jeans and long sleeves on tops. When shopping, I try to look for retailers that have a petite section because that takes all of the hassle of picking out and styling my wardrobe.  If you’re below 5’4” or even 5’5” to 5’6” you should be wearing petite clothing. Or at least trying on petite clothing to see how it fits compared to normal clothing. Whenever I put on petite clothing, I can instantly tell that that’s what I should be wearing. It just fits like a glove. 

Loft is my go-to store for shopping petite. In every one of their locations they have a petite section with everything I would need, which I’m so happy about! Their clothing starts at size 00P and size 5 in shoes. Now that’s lil! Like most stores that have petite sections, in-store the section is smaller than the rest of the store, BUT at Loft every piece of clothing they sell is available in petite online. They even have a petite tab on their website where you can strictly shop petite. Makes it so easy! Plus, if you’re in store and they don’t have something in petite that you want, they will order it from the store and ship it to you with free shipping! Score! Another bonus of shopping at the Loft, they basically have amazing deals every single day, usually being 40% off. You should never pay full price at Loft! 

They have some seriously great new pieces for fall in and I have been stocking up on them! Chances are there is a Loft store near you! Head on over, or go to their website today to check out all of their great pieces, in normal and petite! 

I love discovering new places to find petite clothing. Are you petite? Let me know in the comments if so and what are your favorite petite shops? Let me know in the comments! 

Thank you to LOFT for partnering with me on this post!


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