Peaks & Valleys | September 2019

Hi gang! How has your week been? Mine has been all over the place, hence why I’m posting my Tuesday blog post on a Wednesday, late at night. Ya feel me?! It’s the start of a new month, which means it’s time for me to reflect on the previous month. This has become something I really look forward to doing. Helps me reflect on choices and decisions, count my blessings, learn from mistakes, plan ahead, etc. September is always one of my fave months and this year it didn’t disappoint. 

There were so many signs that September was going to be a great month, the first being that I started the month off with no work because of Labor Day. You gotta know it’s going to be a good month when you have off of work the first Monday of the month, right?! It wasn’t just a good month, IT WAS A GREAT MONTH! Ha! I’m happy to report that today’s “Peaks and Valleys” post is filled with all peaks and one tiny little valley. Yayyy!!!  Hey, I deserved it! Y’all have read my last few “Peaks and Valleys” posts, and they haven’t been all rainbows and sunshine. So let’s dive into my best month in a while!

During our first weekend of September we dog-sat our friends Tiffany and Saban’s new puppy, Finley. He’s a black and white miniature Schnauzer, and is just the cutest. We had him for the entire weekend while they were out of town, and it was quite an adventure! He is a puppy so obviously doesn’t listen all the time, and goes to the bathroom in the house, and is teething so wants to bite everything, BUT the puppy snuggles outweigh all the bad. We had so much fun with him, and it was nice to have an extra “person” in the house. 

Up next, I was so excited for this birthday present that it is definitely a peak for September. As a part of my skincare journey, my dermatologist suggested I do a chemical peel to further help my skin issues. So my mom’s birthday gift to me was a series of three salicylic acid chemical peels. I get them once a month, and I had my first session on September 10. Man was this thing intense. So intense! I cannot even explain how painful it was but it was worth it! My skin isn’t 100% better, but we are getting there and I am so excited!

A big valley this month was our trip to Nashville. Ryan and I hadn’t been on a real vacation since our honeymoon a year ago so we needed this! We had been looking forward to this trip for so long so we made sure to make the most out of it because we’re not sure when our next vacay would be. It was a short 3.5 day trip, but it was just what the doctor ordered! We went with his family for the LSU football game at Vanderbilt, and we had so much fun! Saw all the sights, ate and drank all the yummy food and drinks, and saw the Tigers beat Vanderbilt. What more could you ask for?! The only valley was that I got sick on the second day with a sinus infection – lots of congestion, coughing, runny nose. But I didn’t let it stop us from having fun!

And the big finale was, of course, my birthday! The birthday weekend started off with my bestie Tiffany getting engaged! It was such a fun way to start off the birthday weekend because me and Tiffany have the same birthday! It was like a nice little birthday present for the both of us! On Saturday we had a huge friend dinner at Superior Grill and then hopped around the city afterward. We danced all night long! Then Sunday kicked off with brunch at Gris Gris with my mom and stepdad and Ryan’s parents, followed by tailgating all day for the Saints game. It was an eventful and fun weekend, but also a hectic one, just as you would expect. By the time my actual birthday rolled around on Monday, we were pooped! Ryan and I took off work, slept in, had a delicious lunch at Drago’s, then watched TV and movies all day. The best way to wrap up a great birthday weekend! Words cannot express how thankful I am for all of the love I received over my birthday. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me or wished me a “happy birthday!” It means the world to me. 

I’m always sad to see my birthday go, but thankfully the most exciting time of year follows right after it – THE HOLIDAYS! Soooo, happy October, you guys! I was just telling Ryan yesterday that Halloween will be here before we know it. Scary! (lol, you see what I did there?!) October is the month of all things scary and spooky! Hopefully my month won’t be scary and spooky though! Don’t want to report on all valleys next month. But there’s promise that it’s going to be a good one! It’s bound to start getting cooler any day now, fall clothing and decorations put me in a great mood, and there are so many festive events coming up. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for me! 

Alrighty… I’m now off to enjoy movie night with Ryan! See y’all next time! xoxo


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