Peaks & Valleys | October 2019

It’s officially November so Merry Christmas, everyone! Haha kidding! I love Thanksgiving, specifically the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I look forward to it all year long! I wake up at the crack of dawn, make breakfast, and park my butt on the sofa for the next three hours until it’s time to get ready for the day. But, it’s kind of inevitable to not start feeling the Christmas spirit already. Especially with blogging, I technically have to start decorating earlier than normal because I’ve got to have content ready for you guys. You know you want that! But I promise, I fully respect Thanksgiving!

It’s the time of year to give thanks and show your gratitude and what better way than to reflect on your past. I love my “Peaks and Valleys” series because I’m able to look back on what I’ve gone through and how it’s changed me. There’s always different things every month, and I love sharing this virtual diary with you.

Coming off such a high with ending September with my birthday, I figured October might not be all that eventful, but never assume people. You know what happens when you assume… LOL. Some tiny peaks from the month were attending a sorority alumnae event where I got to catch up with some of my fave people from college, celebrating Halloween, and can we talk about Louisiana football?! All I’ve got to say is “Geaux Tigers” and “Who Dat!” Small little wins, I mean peaks, for the month of October. 

A peak that has been keeping me down lately is how busy we’ve been. I’ve been both mentally and physically drained. It’s been rough. It’s just the time of year it is. Football, as much as I love it, has been eating up our weekends and work has been crazy busy lately, not to mention tons of other social obligations. I feel like I have no time to relax. Since I’m tired all of the time, I have no energy to exercise, which makes me feel even more tired. I’ve been diving back into working out this week and I can already feel my energy level starting to pop back up. Yay for endorphins! Here’s to hoping the rest of this year is more relaxing than it’s been lately. We’ll see if that happens with the holidays approaching.

I’m closing this Peaks and Valleys installment with a cliffhanger… 🙂 My last peak from October is a goal of mine that I recently achieved. When I started “Full of Heart” back in April (has it really already been seven months?!), I set some goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish, not knowing when or how I would. How can you grow if you don’t know where you’ve started or where you want to go, ya know? I’m just so happy and proud of myself for accomplishing this goal. It’s something small-ish but super significant to me and for my “influencing.” Woah, that sounded super weird. Scratch that! But anyway, I can’t wait to share the news with y’all! Curious as to what it is??? Check back here on Friday where I’ll be sharing the exciting news!

I just wanted to officially end this post with some words of encouragement. There are times when I feel like I can never catch a break, or I feel like I’m drowning. I think of all of the hard work I’m doing, wondering if it will ever amount to anything. I’m sure some of you feel this way, in some capacity or another. I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, and I feel that way on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. Keep your head held high. Don’t waste your time being anything but grateful. Your time will come, and you will realize that all of the bad s*** you went through and dealt with, was worth it! I LOVE YOU ALL, and can never say thank you enough for following along with me. 

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