My Christmas Decor

Decorating for Christmas has to be my favorite thing ever! I think it has to do with my childhood and always decorating with my mom for the holidays. She basically brainwashed me… but in the best way possible! Haha! Having the house decorated for the holidays always made it feel even more like a home. It was always such a special and happy time during Christmas when I was little.

Growing up, we always decorated for Christmas with everything gold so I grew up with glitz and glam Christmas decor. When deciding on how I wanted to decorate me and Ryan’s home, I knew I still wanted the glitz and glam. Last year was our first married Christmas in our home and I went with everything white. It all looked so good! And Ryan let me have it! So sweet, that one!

But, this year he said all of the white didn’t really feel like Christmas to him. He wanted to add some of the actual Christmas colors: red and green. Baby steps, Ryan! I thought red would be the perfect place to start – such a warm color! So as you’ll see throughout this post, most of our decorations are white from everything I purchased last year, but I’m adding in pops of red here and there, and hopefully I can add even more next year! #BallinOnABudget

Since most people like to start decorating for Christmas on Black Friday (or shortly after), I thought sharing this blog post the day before Thanksgiving would give you a little time to get some inspiration and allow you to do your research. Scroll through and see how I decorated our home for Christmas 2019. I’ve linked all the home decor for you below, too!

Throw pillows are one of the best, and easiest ways to update any living space. Pottery Barn had so many cute and festive decorative pillows, but I saw this “Ho Ho Ho” one and just had to have it! The red writing and trim, the gold beading detailed, and there was no way Ryan wasn’t going to love it! I don’t think you can get any more Christmas than this pillow! And how cute is our little Mr. Bingle?!

Pottery Barn has some of the best quality stockings that I’ve come across in a variety of styles. I picked up these white faux fur ones last week that I thought were timeless. I’m getting my aunt to embroider our names on them in red – personalization and pops of red made Ryan a happy camper!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Now let’s talk about the main attraction. I love real Christmas trees – everything from walking around the tree lot for what seems like hours to find the perfect one, to their amazing scent. But I just think a fake tree was financially the best route for us. And it is so easy to assemble, especially if you get one with the lights already put on it, like ours. We got our tree last year when it was on sale for $100 off! Make sure to shop the sales!

I get most of our ornaments from At Home and Hobby Lobby – you can’t beat their prices! But I also like to keep my eye out for unique ornaments that tell a story of me and Ryan’s life together, like this Eiffel Tower ornament from Pottery Barn. Everytime I look at it, I think of our honeymoon in Paris.

These are some other easy ways I incorporated pops of red into our home this Christmas! I got some berry stems to add to my eucalyptus jar that I had already. And I got some fake cranberries from Target to make for a festive centerpiece on our kitchen table. Simply get a small wreath, place a hurricane candle holder in the center, and fill it up with cranberries and a candle inside.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing how we decorated for the holidays. There are always so many ways to decorate for this time of year, and I love seeing everyone’s own personal style. Do you do specific themes each year? Do you like to decorate with treasured family ornaments and decorations? Let me know in the comments!


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