Christmas Wish List

THREE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I just thought I’d announce that incase anyone didn’t know and needed sort-of a wake up call for Christmas! I’ve got to get on top of my shopping. I’m almost halfway done, but it’s time to kick it in gear. While I’m trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas, I’m sure they are wondering the same thing about me. 

I typically email my family a little wish list every Christmas so I thought I’d share it with y’all, too! I also thought this may help you if you’re stuck on what to tell your family or friends what you would like for Christmas. Or it could even give you inspiration for gifts you are giving. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy browsing! 

There are some things we need around the house, but I thought it would be fun since this is “my” wish list, to make it more personal and share things that I personally want and need. As my girl Mariah says, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas,” but a few little things would be nice 🙂

one | I always go to sleep before Ryan and he likes to watch TV in bed. He’s so sweet and lowers the volume a ton but the brightness from the TV is still uncomfortable. I have this little cloth eye mask I’ve been using every night to block out the light, but it’s looking kind of ragged. I’ve been wanting this eye mask for a while! It’s beautiful and luxurious, and the silk is good for your eyelashes and skin.

two | I have oily skin on my face but I suffer from eczema so the rest of my body is SUPER dry, including my lips. They are always chapped and lacking moisture. I’ve heard amazing things about this overnight lip mask that gives you soft, plump lips so I would definitely get use out of this!

three | As you can probably tell from recent postings and this wish list, I’m very into my skincare! I want to keep up the results I’ve been seeing! This little tool is perfect for getting a deep clean of your skin. And the best part is that the entire thing is made of silicone so it won’t harbor bacteria like other facial brushes.

four | You can never go wrong with a pair of slippers! And this pair is so cute at such a great price. I wear a size 7.

five | I’m a sucker for hoop earrings! They are my go-to piece of jewelry. I had a set of three different sizes that I got from Charming Charlie’s about a year ago, and they are starting to change color and hurt my ears when I wear them. I thought it was time to invest in a nice pair that would last!

six | Okay, I’m going to be honest. I hated white booties when the trend started, but now I picture every outfit I wear with them. They literally go with anything and you can wear them all year long! I typically wear a 6.5 or a 7 shoe.

seven | Just like I’ve been taking such good care of my skin, I’ve been trying to amp up my hair care routine, as well! Everyone raves about this hair repair mask so I think it would be the greatest addition to my hair lineup.

eight | I’m in desperate need of a little black crossbody purse. I’ve been using a light brown purse all of winter so far and it’s clashing with every outfit. This is such a great find! It looks designer but at an incredible, affordable price.

nine | Krewe sunglasses have been on my wish list for a while. I feel like I am the only person who doesn’t own a pair LOL! Okay that’s dramatic but you get it. I don’t know what color I want but I do know I want the St. Louis style. I’m going to go to one of their stores in NOLA to pick out a pair.

ten | For the longest time I wasn’t a jewelry person. Not because I didn’t like jewelry but because I could never pick it out. Over the past two years I’ve started to have a decent jewelry collection (mostly earrings) and I thought it was time to upgrade from the bowl everything stays in to an actual jewelry stand.

eleven | After I had my third chemical peel session my skin was glowing! I literally looked like I had new skin on my face. My dermatologist said if I wanted to keep up with that glow I could use at home peel pads. These are the most popular at home face peel pads! And how could I not want them since my maiden name is Gross?! you can get these at Amazon or Sephora.

twelve | Told y’all I was obsessed with hoop earrings! I thought this were SO pretty and different. You can never go wrong with Kendra Scott, am I right?!

thirteen | Can we talk about how amazing these faux leather leggings are?! You could dress these up or down for any occasion. And since they are made by SPANX you know you will feel and look great in them! These come in regular and petite sizes. My 5’1″ self would definitely need the petite.

Stay tuned for my Her and Him gift guides coming on Friday!

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