Ways to Show Love Everyday

Hi lovelies! Welcome back to Full of Heart! Perfect timing for the month of love! I love Valentine’s Day! There is so much love in the air, whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or with your best gal pals for Galentine’s, and we need more love in this world! Am I right?!?

I love showing my loved ones how much they mean to me, not just during this time of year but all year long! Showing your friends and family how you feel should be an everyday type of thing. Who’s with me?! You don’t have to go over-the-top to make it special (yes, it’s great to do that sometimes), but I think we should show them love in little ways. This allows the “love month” to be spread out. Plus, it’s a remarkable way to teach kindness to others. 

Those three simple words, “I love you” are an obvious way to let someone know how you feel, but actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, it’s better to show someone how you feel rather than simply saying it. Yes, your friends and family know you love them. But we are all guilty of getting wrapped up in the craziness of life to express it. So that’s why today I’m sharing easy things you can do to express your love to your family and friends for Valentine’s Day and everyday! These are all great to do for your significant other, friends, parents, siblings, or whomever. 

Give hugs and lots of them. You don’t have to be the person holding a “free hugs” sign but you should hug your loved ones more. And real good, tight hugs. You know those are the best. Hugs even have been proven to have several positive health benefits, including decreasing stress levels in both of the people partaking. 

Buy flowers. I’ve never met any woman who doesn’t like fresh flowers. You can’t go wrong here. Bonus points if you pick out their favorite flower!

Leave little notes for them. This is my personal favorite, even though you might think it sounds cheesy. Leaving simple notes in your loved one’s pants pocket, on the coffee pot, on their nightstand, or even in their car lets them know you care and are thinking of them. You don’t need to write a novel or elaborate poems – just jot down an inside joke, a sweet thought, or just a reminder of , “Hey! I love you!” My friend, Rachel and her boyfriend literally have an ongoing notes system at their coffee pot weekly. So sweet!

Send a greeting card in the mail. In the digital age of texting, social media updates, and emailing, there is something so timeless and classic about sending actual mail through the postal service. Yet everyone I know loves receiving mail that isn’t just bills. Whether you send a handwritten note or pick out a greeting card at your local drug store, your loved one will be so shocked that you took the time to pick out a card and write in it, purchase a stamp, and actually went to the post office to mail it. 

Give a quick kiss. Whether you’re about to fall asleep or walking out the door for the day, kisses are the sweetest. And you should never forget to give them!

Make and hand deliver baked goods. Sweets are such a sweet (pun intended) gesture! Making something from scratch (or a mix) is such a time commitment that they will know how much they mean to you. And you know that the secret ingredient in any dish is love! Haha!

Offer to help with something they need. Whether it’s lawn care, offering a ride, babysitting, delivering soup when they’re sick, etc. taking time out of your busy schedule will reassure how much you are willing to sacrifice for your loved ones. 

Remember the little things. Ryan will pick up my favorite candy just because he saw it in the store, or a friend will text me a meme they know I’ll like. Little gestures like that show just how much you pay attention to your loved ones. Yes, the big stuff is important, like their birthday, last name, or if they’re allergic to something, but focusing on the little details make them feel like they are your world and you remember them even when you’re not together. 

Show up for people. It’s important to know when your loved ones are not at their best. When someone you love is struggling and needs extra support, you should provide just that. Pick up the phone and call them, give a long hug, drop off their favorite snack – whatever it is to show them that you’re there for them during their time of need. 

Perform random acts of kindness. I live for random acts of kindness – giving them and receiving them! One time I went into Ryan’s coffee shop he goes to every morning and paid for his coffee so that when he went an hour later, it was already paid for. He was so surprised, and it made my heart so warm! You can pay for their coffee, do their list of chores for the day, or wash their car for them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to random acts of kindness! 

Actually call someone. Yes, shooting someone a quick little text is nice, but I always find the conversation is much more meaningful when I actually am talking on the phone. It can be a quick one-minute phone call or a long catching up session. 

Give a framed photo of the two of you. Lately, I haven’t been getting any of my photos printed since mostly everything gets shared online, but I love to display pictures in my life. You can take new photos together with a good camera or just grab one of your favorites that’s already on your phone, get it printed and then framed. They’ll appreciate putting the picture out at their work or home. It shows you thought of them, and in return they will think about you everytime they look at it. 

Recreate your first date. This is such a sweet way to do date night, plus you get to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on your feelings for each other in the beginning. 

Serve them breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is such a thoughtful and romantic gesture. You can whip up breakfast in your kitchen, or to make it really easy (and delicious), pick up breakfast from their favorite brunch spot or even put an array of donuts and bagels on a platter. One of my favorite memories from the early stage of Ryan and I’s relationship was I woke up one morning to him serving me McDonald’s breakfast in bed, on a tray table and everything. It was such a thoughtful and special surprise! It clearly left an impact on me because I remember it 7 years later!

Celebrate their accomplishments. When something good happens for someone, be happy for them! Even if there’s a bit of envy, push that to the side and act genuinely happy for that person. They will feel the love and excitement from you which will make their achievement feel even better. And let’s be honest, celebrating someone else feels way better than throwing yourself a pity party. 

Drop by for a surprise face-to-face visit. This is something that will blow them away. I was near Ryan’s work one day and I just dropped in to say “hi!” He was shocked! The look on his face was priceless and as soon as I left he texted me how nice it was. Surprise your significant other or parent at work or drop in at your friends house to catch up. 

Be fully present. One of the easiest and thoughtful ways to show love is to be fully present when with your loved ones, giving others our full attention and presence. This shows that we respect and care for them. Put the phone away, turn the TV off and actively listen while enjoying each other’s company. 

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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