Activities To Do While You’re Stuck At Home

Hi everyone! I’m pretty frustrated with myself for how few blog posts I’ve published so far in 2020, but that’s life sometimes. This year has been busy, busy, busy with little time for me to be creative and actually sit down and write. But that’s all about to change! I’m hoping with all of this new free time that I have with working from home that I’ll get better at publishing more blog posts as I have a ton of content I want to share with you. So let’s dive in with today’s post…

Happy Friday, y’all! You did it! You survived this crazy week! What a difference two weeks, or even one week, makes. Two weeks ago I thought everyone was freaking out and being way too over the top regarding this virus, and now look at where we are. 

Right now, most of you have been working from home, becoming an impromptu home-school teacher, or have still been going into the office for your job. This week has been a doozy, and I just want to give you a big (virtual) hug! 

The reality is that much of our normal day-to-day life has shifted and changed, and we all are going to have to get used to social distancing. Now before you go a little stir crazy (some of you may already be on the verge), I’ve put together some fun activities you can do at home to get you through the quarantine. I know it’s been a trying time for all, even if just emotionally, and I hope some of these ideas can combat any anxiety you may be feeling with a little fun and joy!

Break out your board games. Call me old fashioned, but I love board games. From the classics like Monopoly, Uno, and Scattegories, to the newer popular games like Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme, I’m down for them all! I love a good game night, and these days are perfect for gathering with the family, and maybe even a few friends (no more than six, just to be safe LOL). 

Be creative by coloring. Okay hear me out. I know you’re not five-years-old, but coloring has some great health benefits. It’s been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and can help improve motor skills, vision, sleep and focus. Plus it’s a great creative outlet, even if you feel like you’re not very creative yourself. A mature, detailed coloring book, with a nice pack of coloring pencils is perfect. Or if you have young kids, you can color in one of their coloring books with classic crayons. 

Write it all down. Being stuck at home all day, it can feel like the day can get away from you. Before you know it, it’s 3:00 p.m. How did that happen?! Keep track of your days by writing everything down, whether you’re writing a journal entry about your day or making daily goals and to-do lists. Journaling allows you to reflect on your day, keeps you organized and on task, and relieves stress.

Music and podcasts and audiobooks, oh my. If your eyes are starting to hurt from looking at the TV or reading, give them a break. Use your headphones or bluetooth speaker to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Podcasts are great to listen to while you’re doing stuff around the house, and throwing an impromptu dance party with your favorite tunes will definitely lift your spirits while you’re stuck inside. 

Spring cleaning and organizing. Winter is over and spring is here. That can only mean one thing – spring cleaning! There are two types of people in the world – people who love spring cleaning and those who hate it. Regardless of what kind of person you are, all I know is you better be cleaning during this time. #1 to sanitize your house and get rid of all of the germs, and #2 you have a ton of time to declutter and organize all of those spaces of your house that you’ve been neglecting. And don’t just stick it to the inside of your house. You can clean the inside of your car, organize your shed or garage, and even clean out your email inbox and photo library on your phone, too! 

Get moving. With self quarantining, it can be really easy to become a couch potato. And with workout facilities being closed, you might think it’s time to slack off. NOPE! It’s always important to get moving everyday, but especially now, more than ever. Stay close to home in your neighborhood and go on an early morning walk or afternoon bike ride. There are also a ton of free workouts online you can do. Tip: If you don’t have weights, improvise with canned foods or water bottles.

Experiment in the kitchen. I love being in the kitchen! Baking. Cooking. Whatever your shtick is, get in the kitchen and start creating! Ryan and I are constantly sending each other recipe videos on social media, but we never have the time to try them out. Thanks to self quarantine, the time is now here. Use food that you’ve been stocking up on from the grocery the past week or even find ingredients that have been in your pantry and freezer for too long and create some yummy masterpieces. Hey, my cooking motto always is, “It doesn’t have to look pretty for it to taste good!” 

Keep your mind sharp with puzzles. Ever since I was little I have loved puzzles. All kinds of puzzles – jigsaw puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, and sudoku. If you’re a puzzle fan like me, this is your time to go crazy. If puzzles aren’t your thing, maybe the health benefits will change your mind – improved memory and visual spatial reasoning, increased productivity and problem solving skills, and even delays dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Host a movie night. The movie theaters may be closed for a few months but you can host your own viewing parties from your living room. Get your favorite sodas, popcorn and candy and get cozy. You can put on a movie or start a new TV series. Definitely make sure all of your subscriptions are up to date – Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Video, Disney+ and more (or borrow a friend’s login). Netflix is even introducing a way for you to have watch parties with your friends during social distancing called “Netflix Party.”

Take time for yourself. Being stuck inside for prolonged periods of time is not mentally healthy for anyone, whether you have a significant other that’s driving you a crazy, little rascals that won’t let you go to the bathroom in peace, or you live alone, it’s important to take a step back and take time for yourself before you go stir-crazy. Meditate, read some motivational quotes, do a 10-minute yoga session and stretch, or even a coffee date on your patio. Whatever you need to do!

Spruce up your garden. With everything going on, you might have missed that yesterday was the first official day of spring. The weather is warming up, trees are growing fresh leaves, and flowers are starting to bloom. If you’re like me, your garden is looking a little rough after winter. When you need to get out of the house, do some work in your garden – pull weeds, plant new flowers, lay some new mulch down. The fresh air and vitamin D will do ya good, and your garden will thank you, too!

Catch up on your reading. I feel like we’ve all said, “I wish I had more time to read.” Well lucky for you, that time is now! You’re about to have so much free time, and let’s be real, you can’t spend all of it with your eyes glued to the TV. Download some new books to your Kindle or pick up some actual books that have been on your read list for way too long.  

Virtual hangouts are important. A post is floating around on social media saying, “Introverts, put down your book and check on your extrovert friends. They are not okay.” It made me giggle, but it’s so true. Extroverted people are struggling with social distancing, whereas introverts are thinking, “This is what I’ve been waiting for.” That all may be true, but everyone needs social interaction, even introverts. I like to say I’m a little bit of both and so far FaceTime has been a lifesaver during these past few days for me. Whether you miss your friends and want to catch up, or you want to “see” and talk to your parents or family members, take advantage of all of the technology we have to keep those relationships going during these challenging times.

Stay safe and be well! XOXO

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